Useful links for mapping in R

Geography was not my favourite subject as a high-schooler: maybe having a teacher who smoked a pipe in the classroom had somethiing to do with that. In fact, I swiched to Ancient Greek as an option as soon as I could: it was that bad

However, for some time I have loved early maps and have this one (regrettably not the original) on my wall at home

Recently I have been captivated at how modern ones can be used for socio-economic analyses with leading publications such as the Economist and 538 regularly producing maps using open data in their articles. The opportunities within R have expanded rapidly over the past year or so and I’m expecting lots of exciting developments in this field

For my own reference - but others might find it helpful - I have put together a few links to sources I find useful

I have at some stage, corresponded or met most of the above and, as is practically a given in the R community, they are very helpful and willing to partake of their expertise. But where are the women?!

I anticipate adding to this list in the future so check back whenever you are need a reference and please provide additional suggestions

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