EPL Week 1

Round 1

Well we’re back with an exciting start to the new season. Manchester United turned in their best performance in years and Huddersfield had a dream return to the top tier. Some things remain the same though with Dele Alli conning Shelvey into a dismissal and Liverpool conceding from corners

Game of the Week

Arsenal and Leicester swapping blows with the Gunners emerging victorious

Foreign Players

One fairly constant theme has been the downturn in English player over the years.

This appears to have stabilized over the past couple of seasons

Check out how each of the teams started the season

New-signing, Lacazette, wass the only Frenchman in Arsenal’s starting line-up (It has been as high as seven).

Stoke boasted ten different nationalities

Here is the breakdown across the EPL

No clear candidate for second place but newly-promoted Huddersfield coach, David Wagner, has signed a few fellow-Germans

Only two Scots, Fraser (Bournemouth) and 33-year-old, Fletcher (Stoke). The last time Scotland held the second rank, after England, in a game to lead off a season was in 1999

Big Away Wins

What Birmingham never did in seven seasons and Southampton only achieved at the 186th attempt, Huddersfield accomplished at the first time of asking
Won their first EPL away game by at least a three goal margin
Surprisingly, three other teams match them, including Blackpool, who were relegated the same year

It took Newcastle more than a century of matches which is a touch unexpected given that they were a high-scoring, successful team when they first made the Premier league

Southampton definitely buck the trend taking 186 games to reach the target - though they have had more success recently

Man Utd are back

I know, only West Ham, but still far from the turgid play of recent seasons. They end by far their longest run without a four goal victory

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Results and Table

Final Factoid

Crystal Palace have won just nine of their most recent 33 league games. More than half these victories came in the 7 games in which Sakho played a full ninety minutes

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