Archer Memes

I have rather belatedly gotten around to viewing the adult animated series, Archer, on Netflix. If you have not read up about the show, wikipedia has good coverage and there is an in-depth viz project -A data driven exploration of Archer - by Mara Averick and Elijah Meeks

The subtitles often shout-out for a meme and I have clipped several, initially from Series 1 Ep 6. One way of viewing them is in a carousel such of that of the recently developed package, htmlwidget slickR, from the Metrum research group

All we have to do is collect the relevant files and apply the slickR() function

I have 25 images in the carousel so it may take a time to process


  archerFiles <- list.files("img/archerMemes", full.names = TRUE, pattern = "*.JPG")

 slickR(obj=archerFiles, width= 650)