EPL Week 17

Match of the Day

Second time recently, Watford have removed Deeney late in winning position only to end up with no points

Watford were ahead of Crystal Palace for 85 minutes in Tuesday’s game - 15 minutes more than Palace have led in matches the whole season to date

Yet Another Man City Chart

With Man. City racking up another four goals away from home, they are well on course to break Chelsea’s season record of 103 in 2009/10, when Drogba (29) and Lampard (22) led the way

At the time of writing, after Round 17 of 38, they have already scored more goals than half the teams did in ANY premier league season bar 1992/3 - when 42 games were played

Check back here as season progresses

Goal Scoring by Team

Let’s take a look at how the goalscoring has panned out by team, by minute You may want to zoom in at 45 and 90 minute mark as this includes any extra time - when many goals are scored

At the time of writing, points to note are that even though Manchester City have recorded 53 goals, the earliest is in the 10th minute while Liverpool’s have yet to notch one before the 15th.

Palace have not scored away at all nor found the target between the 56th and 88th minute

David Silva Acclaim

Following another outstanding display against Swansea, Silva is winning a host of plaudits. However, it should be noted that many of his own team are actually putting up statistically better seasons in terms of goals and assists per 90 minutes played

N.B. Up to two assists are allowed per goal

After 17 games, he is only sixth on the team for those having played at least 500 minutes

However, showing City’s all-round attacking prowess, Silva’s points per 90 minutes would translate to being highest-ranked on most other teams

Everton have avoided defeat five times this season when they have only notched one goal. On each occasion, Rooney has been the scorer - earning the team seven points

Tweet of the Week

Nobody could/would!

The answer is

  • 7 Sheffield Wednesday
  • 5 Crystal Palace; Norwich City
  • 3 Oldham Athletic; QPR; Sheffield Utd.

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Results and Table

Final Factoid

103 players have now scored away from home - all of them totalling more than managed by the entire Palace squad

Plenty more NEW data at the premiersoccerstats site

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