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The goals have gone

A recent article in the Guardian highlighted the fact that many teams are not exceeding a goal a game this season

In fact, over half the teams are averaging less than 1.1 per game How does this compare, historically, at this stage of the season

So, definitely one of the highest on record

Anthony Martial scored in his third consecutive league game, one of 19 players to achieve the feat so far this season

Clean Sheets

As a corollary, fewer goals by some teams will tend to mean more clean sheets by their opposition. Here are the shutouts achieved by goalies by season. Filter by season,team or goaly using the select box

At the time of writing (after 24 rounds), Manchester United’s de Gea leads the way this year, with 14. Injury withstanding, he seems sure to exceed his previous best but matching the all time record of van der Sar will take some doing

Here are the leaders per season. Hover the bar for details

N.B. If there are two or more leading goalies in a season, only one is highlighted

It is interesting to see the change since the early days of the Premier League when even the top performers were keeping the opposition at bay only once every four or five games

The all time leader is Petr Cech with 202. Next in line is the, somewhat unhralded, Mark Schwarzer

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Final Factoid

Mkhitaryan made a bright start to this season, leading the league with 7 assists(including secondary) in late September, but he neither added to that figure nor scored in his final 496 league minutes for United

Plenty more NEW data at the premiersoccerstats site

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