EPL Week 29

For the remainder of the season, I will be travelling with a back up laptop so please excuse any shortfall in posts and site updates

Match of the Day

In 273 league appearances with Manchester United Patrice Evra was part of a line up that conceded 4 or more goals on 5 occasions (1.8%). For West Ham, he is 2 for 2 (100%)

Rod off Burnley’s back

As many of you have heard, Burnley finally won a Premier Leaague match under Sean Dyche after going behind. Unsurprisingly, it was Everton - with their poor away record - that were the collaborators, allowing Chris Wood to be unguarded in the six yard area from a corner

How does this run compare with the worst ever by team?

So Burnley’s record does crack the top ten but is by no means the worst. Little surprise to see Sunderland and Derby County leading the field - even if over 100 games, for each, seems extraordinary The Man. City run ended in 2003 ,a period before the big investment

Quick off the mark

With the first goal so critical, it is interesting to see who turns the ball in first in most games. Here are all the candidates, this season

Not too many surprises at the top of the list. For a full 38 game season, the record holder is a surprse: Darren Bent for Sunderland in 2009/10 when 14 of his 24 goals were the first of the game

Here are the leaders, by club, this year

N.B. Ties for top position are not shown

At the time of writing, Benteke tops the Crystal Palace ranking with the only two goals he has scored all season

Tweet of the Week

Totally Football and Guardian Weekly Review Podcasts

Results and Table

Final Factoid

Dembele gets a lot of love in the Totally Football podcast above, but his assist against Arsenal was just the second of season and he has no goals. At 30, Spurs really need to upgrade on him and Sissoko if they want to press on next year

Plenty more NEW data at the premiersoccerstats site

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